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Liquorice Pouches

Liquorice Pouches

Liquorice lovers unite! You can love it or you can hate it, but at The Sweetie Co we love it! Soft liqourice, hard liquorice, flavoured liquorice, aniseed balls, blackcurrant and liquorice hard boiled sweets, cream rock, comfits, allsorts, salted liqourice, catherine wheels, pontefract cakes and much more. Rich, sweet and slightly bitter, with that deliciously warm and spicy smell, our liquorice selection makes a great gift for fans of liquorice. To help your liquorice stay fresh for longer, we recommend keeping it in a cool, dry place, in an air tight container, out of direct sunlight. See our range of tasty liquorice treats here.

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Important Allergen Information

All of our sweets are packed in the same location so there is always a chance of cross-contamination which we can do our best to reduce, however, we cannot guarantee that every item will be completely free from allergens due to the nature in which they are packed.
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